The Infinity Of It All…

Some moments are just infinite – joy, sadness, despair, hope.  They’re infinite because they effect all of us and they change some small aspect of who we are in a permanent way.  This in turn impacts on all our future decisions, the way we interact with people, the way we see things.  Allow yourself to  become infinite.

Staircase infinity black and white photography

I found myself in the middle of one of these infinite moments several months ago.  Fighting a need for connection, creativity, inspiration.  An overwhelming sense of endless waiting.

The infinite moment as it were snuck up on me in the form of an old friend who was making the decision to travel for a while, live and work in China, the possibilities were endless.  I spent a fair amount of time with this person before they left and it was with sadness, happiness and envy that I said goodbye.

I looked at flight prices to go and visit and when I would be able to take time off work.  All of the options that presented themselves felt inadequate.  As the days and weeks passed I became more and more convinced that these small, as I saw them, plans were not enough.  Why visit one person for a couple weeks when you could visit everyone forever?    And so the long plan started taking shape.

No this excited me.  It genuinely filled me with a longing, a passion that I can honestly say I hadn’t felt for a long time.  Probably since I left home for the first time.

So here we are 6 months down the line, some money in the bank and all the hours under the sun spent working and organising and planning.  All of it bringing me closer and closer to the execution.

The thing that still strikes me the most, above all the excitement, trepidation and anxiousness, is that one person, one decision, one moment, can impact so heavily on your life.  It brings with it the possibility to change everything, create dreams and open up a new path that wasn’t there before.

way out sign photography
Follow the signs..

This is very much a gut feeling situation and I have always thought that, as adults, we don’t allow our gut enough say in the decisions we make.  There’s too many things that get in the way – logic, other peoples opinions, work, media, distractions of all varieties.  I also think that ignoring these gut feelings can lead to immense unhappiness.

I see in my own life this dissatisfaction had crept in so slowly that the apathy it created became such a constant that I no longer recognised it for what it was.  It wasn’t until someone else lit the spark that I actually gave myself the time and the willingness to listen to what my mind had been trying to tell me for a long time.  A perfect storm of situation and events, when allowed, can lead you where you need to go.

Allow yourself a moment everyday of silence to explore what it is you truly feel you need to do.  It can be the beginning of something incredible.


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