The Start of Everything…

Fate is the promise that life is not a random string of tragedy and comedy without  meaning.  Fate proclaims that our lives are in fact so meaningful, so necessary, that our stories are written by the gods and goddesses, by the heavens themselves.  We may only glimpse our fate, hinted by the stars or the creases of our hands; but even this glimpse is evidence of our contract with the universe, that we are players in the great wheel of life and death and rebirth.

Sy Montgomery, Spell of the Tiger

 I’m not sure that I necessarily believe all of that but it is so beautifully written that I want to.

Cramond Edinburgh misty trees black and white photography
A misty day over the trees at Cramond, Edinburgh.

My first EVER blog! Here we are, I figured I’d begin at the beginning…maybe not the very beginning, that would be a longer story which I’m sure I’ll touch on along the way.  But a brief introduction is probably necessary.

I’m Sarah and currently I work as a care worker for older people.  This is not glamorous or even particularly well paid but sometimes it’s fun.  I’ve been doing this since I left school at 19 and it’s been keeping me vaguely out of debt ever since.  More on my thoughts on this industry later.

Beautiful sunset over Edinburgh city skyline scotland
A beautiful sunset over the Edinburgh City skyline.

I live in Edinburgh, I’m from Shetland and I’ve lived in Liverpool and upstate New York over the years.  I’ve always had itchy feet, particularly if I stay anywhere for too long.  Edinburgh has been the place I’ve lived the longest since I was a child.  It has become home to me but it no longer feels right to stay.

I’m the type of person who, for better or worse, can’t seem to do things half way. So instead of continuing to save up small amounts of money and taking short trips here and there I’m packing up and setting off.  I’ve spent the last 6 months working far too many hours and having far too little fun so I can fund this trip.  I am not well off, no one is paying for this for me and there is nothing to fall back on (my Dad’s spare room doesn’t count).  I’ve managed to scrape together enough to keep me afloat for what I hope will be at least a year on the road.  Along the way hopefully I can figure out a way to make some more money to keep me on the road.

There are no guarantees here.  I have no idea what’s going to happen and no way of knowing if any of this will be sustainable.  But I figure that’s half the fun.  I mean hopefully it’s less than half the fun since uncertainty and the unknown are not comfortable concepts for me and I’d rather have more fun than that.  We’ll find out.

I’m not off yet, but wanted to start the online journey now as a kind of surrogate while I wait and work and wait and work.

me and my sister
It’s been years since my sister and I have spent any real time together.

At the beginning of May I’m off to Washington state and Western Canada with a list as long as your arm of things I want to do and see.  My sister lives outside of Seattle in a small town called Anacortes so I’ll be visiting with her and traveling around the Pacific North West for a month.

After that it’s back to the grind for another couple months and then East.  Moscow, Mongolia, China, beyond…

It feels like a long time coming and the blink of an eye all at once.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy following me along the way.  I hope to document, not just the sights but the sounds, the people and the life I experience along the way.  The good, the bad and the beautiful.

More to come on the reasons behind it all and the steps to get there.


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