The How After The Why…

So how have I got this far?  I suppose it’s the question most asked.  It’s also probably the question most answered on all travel blogs.  The answer is simple and relatively boring.  Hard work and organisation.

  • I have worked consistently 48-60 hour weeks since October of last year.
  • I sat down and actually looked at my monthly expenditure and worked out where I was spending money I didn’t need to spend.
  • I planned what I would need to buy and when I would need to buy it.
  • I thought twice every time I made a purchase, thinking always about whether this was something that was going to contribute to the end goal.
  • A few months before I leave I’m moving into my friends flat which will significantly cut down on the overhead I have every month in terms of bills.
Segrada Familia Barcelona Spain
Segrada Familia, Barcelona from a trip a few years ago. Possibly my favourite city – funded over 2 months of saving while working extra shifts at work.

It’s not an easy thing, and it certainly hasn’t been all fun and games.  Long term saving is never something I’ve been good at or had much success with but I’ve managed it.

I won’t lie, there have been moments, days even when I’ve struggled.  With the long hours at work, the lack of a social life as a result of this.  It’s a constant battle to remember that the end result will be worth the work.  The chance to see things that I have always dreamed of seeing along side the things I never knew existed.

When I was researching this trip (basically reading a whole bunch of travel blogs from people who’ve already been there and done that) the same piece of advice kept coming up.  Perhaps the most important and relevant advice because it applies to everyone no matter their situation.  Make travel a priority.  If this is something you want to achieve don’t just dream about it but make it the one thing that you want.  More than a trip to the cinema, or that new pair of shoes that you’ll never be able to wear when hiking up a mountain and won’t need when you’re walking barefoot on the beach.

View of Arthurs seat and Edinburgh from the Braid Hills
Travel doesn’t have to mean taking a flight it can be exploring what is already around you.  The view from the Braid Hills of Edinburgh City and Arthurs Seat.

Obviously I haven’t left yet so I’m still very much in this phase of the planning.  I’m sure over time I’ll have some hindsight views to share.  But in the space of 10 months I have achieved not only a month long trip to America and Canada but enough money to fund me for a good few months in Asia.

Basically my message here is that it is achievable.  Even when you feel that it is completely insurmountable.  Break it down into small pieces and work it out.  If it takes you longer than 10 months that’s ok as long as an end date is in sight and you have a goal to work towards you’re on your way.

Feedback, tips, advice are all eagerly welcomed!  😀



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