The Short and the Long of it…

I am a planner.  I love a good plan.  I also love changing these plans and figuring out how to fit more in, see more, do more.  Plans and lists.  These are the things that keep me (vaguely) sane.  I plan and research and then I plan again.  Then I do whatever I feel like at the time.

Flowers Hills Tranent Edinburgh Scotland Landscape
Flowers over the hills. Tranent, East Lothian.

So this is my plan.  In 4 weeks or so I’ll be heading over to Washington State, to a small town called Anacortes.  My sister lives and works here as a Marine Biologist for a small non-profit studying the marine mammals in the area as well as doing conservation and education work.  (Check out their work and support them at PacMam.)   I’ll be staying with her for the first 10 days or so.  She has to work while I’m there so a lot of exploring I’ll do on my own during the day and then she can show me around the places she loves in the evenings.

The two of us are then off to Victoria, BC for a couple nights before she has to return to work.  I’m then heading over to Vancouver, BC for a couple nights.  I’ll then be heading to Jasper, AB on an overnight Viarail train for 4 nights.  It’s back down to BC after that probably for a couple nights in Nanaimo before I head back to Anacortes for a couple nights back at my sisters.  We will then head down to Seattle for a couple nights before I head back to good old Edinburgh.

sunset boats harbor Barcelona Spain
Sunset over the harbor Barcelona, Spain

Once I’m back in sunny Scotland it’ll be back to the hard grind for a couple months.  It’ll also be back to plan, plan, plan.  Two months after I return (all being well) I’ll be heading east.  Moscow, the Trans Siberian Railway, Mongolia, Beijing, Shanghai.  This is as far as I’ve planned so far.  A friend of mine, the same one who I mentioned previously, currently lives in Shanghai.  So I’ll stay there for a while and catch up with him before I go explore some of what China has to offer.

After this I haven’t planned an exact route but South East Asia in general.  Most excited for Vietnam and Cambodia.

I aim to document here all the steps I go through as a written memory for myself, a way for family and friends to keep up with what I’m up to and hopefully to serve as inspiration to someone else.  To encourage someone to follow their heart, chase their dreams and dare to reach for what often feels like the impossible.

cliffs caves sky greece
Cliffs and caves along the coast of Greece

So that’s what you all have to look forward to.  For the next month or so posts will be more infrequent than I would like but there will be very little to say until I’m actually doing something other than working.

If anyone has any recommendations on places to go or see in any of the above mentioned places let me know.  Particularly for the America/Canada trip.  I would love to hear what everyone else has enjoyed.


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