The Back Story


Where I am now…

…waiting to start.  

I’m a writer, a traveller, a photographer, a teacher, a student, a music lover, a human.  I’m off.  

I am currently working (A LOT) so I can quit my job and travel the world.  This is where I plan on telling you all how that goes, as it goes.  

I’ll soon be off to Washington State and Canada to visit my sister and explore and after that it’ll be a short two months until I am off around the world.  Hopefully I’ll be able to inspire someone to explore their world.  Whether that be their back garden, the street around the corner or the world at large.  

We’ll see how all of that goes…

Contact me at: E-mail 

Feel free to comment, ask questions, follow me on instagram.

All Photographs are my own.  

Enjoy the blog and I’ll see you on the road!


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